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@_abdul_minoz 💪💪💪💪💪🙏🙏 @fluke_pongsatorn
@izeakkarin 😱
@norenex Deep
@chen_kui_bai Maybe,it is a chance to make yourself stay there and think clearer what you should do
@_lannine 🙄😂
@nerdydro Wow. I needed this. 😥
@knipetony Be strong Fluke and do what YOU want to do. 💪🙂❤
@nomiramblfan Wow!! What happens here??
@perlita_suju What😵
@perlita_suju I encourage you, you are important to many! you are a great very talented person that we love very much 💙💪 I love you 💙 I from México Fan @fluke_pongsatorn
@v.ikri @izeakkarin @fluke_pongsatorn hubungan kalian lg kenapaa sih??? Kok renggang amat kek bangku anak2 sd lg ujian😭😭😭
@pdoggy666 🤯
@lthfihkm Savage
@michaelmisau Story of my life
@trihaar @izeakkarin @fluke_pongsatorn 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
@regijira @perlita_suju I am also Mexican
@regijira @fluke_pongsatorn please don’t forget that you are really importan to many people
@greatgagahaha 😨
@eric_benjamin_ang Nice!
@shenbabaa Cute
@strawberrybangbangbang You just need a better drama? do what you can do,and someone will finally open the door though the other side. Whatever,no one can be stacked,if he himself don’t want go out.Fighting!
@lixinquan0402 Go to bed on time😘༄
@alberttannnn Not stuck but challenge for you to do even better. Cheers!
@iam_melvien So true ...
@n.s.boy 🤣
@vasvasvasss What are you thinking?
@anoushkakarnak It's true
@snowy.confession Or maybe, you're stuck because you're drunk and that's not a door. It's a wall 🙊🙈
@jade_dyy 💕💕💕
@tender_ni Hi, I'm Tender., you know me😋., I love your film., @fluke_pongsatorn