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🦊 #blondegirl #jenilaurabirthday18

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@foodiecrushaddict Missing pics of you lol
@madamelife_shop 🎉👍#แค่ทาแล้วพัน_ลดเป็นนิ้ว #หุ่นเพรียวเป๊ะใน2ชม.✳
@ronaahaniifah @alya_sofiana @karintanata__ @sehanosh ikilho pacare Angelo, sng Sampek nduwe anak
@jeyseav @ronaazhf_ ayu lo nyapo gak nikah karo iki ae? Piye neh ws gak cinta h3h3h3😀
@yoherica เผ็ชช😍😍😇
@sarahcasinghini @yoherica 🌶🌶🌶
@maxwell_malaysia beautifull mummy @sarahcasinghini 😘😘
@fire.diree I bet you look more beautiful with dark hair
@bounlay.abubakar Beautiful na ka
@bfinie @fire.diree I agree.. hope @sarahcasinghini will return to color the black hair. She's more pretty of it coz she's having a white skin which suits to black..
@bfinie @sarahcasinghini if you don't mind, can you please get back your black hair.. you're more beautiful than this.. you look so old that.. just frankly speaking.no offend.. you're beautiful inside and out I knew it. But black hair should preferable for you..
@fire.diree @bfinie yep light hair just look not natural I think
@bfinie @fire.diree yes! Absolutely.. and it more fit for her rather this color.
@bfinie Those still bashing @sarahcasinghini for having a kid with Mike; please try to move on.. it's not Sarah's fault. Think of it they're also a human they can feel for what we feel.. we cannot dictate their hearts for whom to be love.. they have their own lives.. stop acting like you own them particularly for Mike's fan.. you don't own them.. let them feel the real happiness coz I believe that even Mike's popularity doesn't make her enough contentment.. the satisfaction that we need either your a celebrity or not is to have the genuine love. The love that there's no boundaries..the unconditional love..then if you really love Mike support him in all his endeavours without expecting something's in return.
@fire.diree @bfinie I dig it.. I think short and black hair makes her look younger than her age lol
@bfinie @fire.diree we're almost the same feeling.. not really short as Dora but I think a little bit of cut.. off shoulder I think.. it really looks her young if she do it.
@bbubu_bunga Cantik g sii ? 😢 @aisyahsabilaa_
@aisyahsabilaa_ @bungaaapzr kok kaya barbie sih
@bbubu_bunga @aisyahsabilaa_ iya ya :'