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Good night kub :) 🐻 #คิดถึงหมีเม่อออ #hammerthepom

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@fcku2001 Why do you even entertain what other people tell you instead of believing what your boyfriend tells you. Why are you even with him if you question his every move? If he don't want you then f*ck it move on. Tired of seeing your asses be mad at the simplest things. Simple miss someone: say it, dislike someone: say it express to each other not the whole world. @kimmy_kimberley at this point y'all shouldn't even be mad about who follows whom on social media, y'all should be arguing about who loves each other more, what religion your baby is gonna be and what color you want in your bedroom. That's why waiting til your ready to settle down will never ever be ready. Like stfu sit down and make it work or walk the f*ck away. Like Gie said, "you're almost 30, pls grow the f*ck up" @kimmy_kimberley @mark_prin
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@zenonnext2019 Day 14 of getting over babe. Im overcome with emotions but learn to enjoy being alone again. Im always trying to ask for a second opinion cause Im so used to talking to them every hour of the day but its weird that my opinion is final. @kimmy_kimberley @mark_prin two people who have become strangers. The finding of yourself. Its sad when you don't know why they stop wanting you and then you're just like... Lost trying to make up for it somehow
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