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หน่องแว่น 🤓

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@zoeymei 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
@qxxinnj 😎
@krist8023 cute cute cute 💋💋
@suli518 这个发型很乖乖
@i_am_cnc97 Look so smart 😍😍
@i_am_cnc97 ခ်စ္​မိ ေႂကြမိ
@aorchirawan หล่อม๊ากคับ
@yayayanyaow ❤️😘
@khthtctw 好可爱好嫩
@pussayating เด็กแว่นนนน
@pujiaansy 😍♥
@khndiikhngchan.r น้องแว่น น่าร๊ากก
@zhouying1213 cute
@ls_wmy 好软萌啊可爱~🐶
@thidaratgranrod 💟💕😍❤️
@kristtpsingto___ 💜💜💜💜😍
@sikuilin 祝福你每一天
@myra_makken this need more likes~
@mn.pung04 ทำไมนึกถึงโนบิตะ
@lladyy น่ารัก 😝
@eimayzanko I've been stressed so much these days and I miss you so much.😭😭😭😭😭I planned to come Thailand to meet you but now I'm getting busy coz of my job and no holidays.Watching all of your fancams can reduce my stress thou ,I really want to meet U again ,Kit.Take care urself naw.Your health is no 1 priority for us.Try to get enough sleep .Su Su na.I will be rooting for 💛💙💙your great show in Y I love U party.
@yyao10107 😘😘😘
@eimayzanko I know it's already Feb 15 but Happy Valentine day na,Kit.❤️ love to see you and YuYu being together and Hope I can be a part of it one day.
@__.kristsingto.__ ❤🔥