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@rico.08 Esse não veio pro Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷😨
@sheyondsouza_music Badass movie🙌
@doggy_style313 Awesome movie!!!! Watched twice today!!!
@tarvdi I watched it yesterday!!!
@muhammad.a.8 i like this film , because film is great
@ebrahimzadeh__pir قیامتی💙💙💙💙
@paul_carruth Awesome stuff mate! 🔥:) @tonyjaaofficial
@ngori_kiza Best movie ever seen
@__mustafa__eren_herbalife_ I did watch this movie 🎥 was good 👍
@viniciussimoesbraga 👊
@jarikenttamaa Good stuff.
@juines_rexlee Very good movie
@berhaiem_aymen Very good
@lionsummer24 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
@ekosaputra.saputra.9085 God job
@cloudzerosauske I would love to be an action movie 🌟
@iamhariskhan96 Nice movie @tonyjaaofficial
@camklassic11 I watched that last night 😂
@rodrigue469 Que buena película 😘😍
@romulus_popescu Just saw this , the fighting was incredible. You're fighting precision against scott Adkins was incredible🙌👏💪. Is 32 too late to start martial arts?
@leoromero795 @tonyjaaofficial @thescottadkins is that all you got?! Huh?! You should've stayed in the pits!
@andry.mvp O dime en donde la puedo ver por favor
@soulby_deluxx CV
@nikolasbascur17 @repelischile la puedes poder en la cuenta para verla porfa!!!!!