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@ibovrd 🌹💜
@danilz_black Yess
@shirot337 harimau asli kah atau cuma editan😃 @tonyjaaofficial
@markusreinhard_ Orang kuat ini baru @fghhutapeaa
@mahath_jr 🤓🤓🤓
@shreesh45 Is it real
@sir_milly01 You should own an elephant not tiger😉
@mohammadkeramat021 Wooow
@izayahirizarry 🐐🐐
@nazamlove 😱R u insane?
@respectanimalrights2 @tonyjaaofficial please educate yourself. The@e tigers get d0sedetives all the time and that is not! Life for a Tiger, Talk FOR the Tigers @o they don't have to live this way. Please
@klaus.zigann Nice Cats
@ali.rupom 😠😠😠
@m_destiny_believer_ 😑😑😑 being and actor u r ..encouraging animal abuse .shame on u
@wilddraven It's a rare animal but in Thailand they eat them. It's a wild animal and they need to live in nature.
@jondayla1984 Animals live in bad conditions and they get abused and sedated so that tourists can take pictures. Makes me sick!!
@__mustafa__eren_herbalife_ I can not trust 🤭
@maurideresende Very good
@nurlan__official__ 👍👍👍
@nurlan__official__ 👍👍👍
@mhdhxssxn Wow😮😍
@mhdhxssxn Nice👏
@mhdhxssxn 😀😀😀
@village__sran Great !