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cr. @chen_rcj

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@moon_som_king My baby 😁✌😍❤
@luanamb15 Olha esse cabelinho sedoso 🤧
@denixjh_ I LOVE U MY PRICE.♡♡♡
@maylin_sarang @naninenai You look sooo cute 😍😍 with thaat hair 👌👌👌
@mynameismmonzz 💟
@yukie_hakura Your hair color 😩♥️
@teazote91 Is J9 in good condition😊😘😍
@bc2269760 ❤️✨💫
@ivannsylao This day will soon end, #JoongNine haven’t notice any of my posts/tweets 😢It’s okay tho,Still a happy birthday for myself. I love you both. I celebrated alone but in my heart I got you both. I’ll try my luck next year, 😢 @chen_rcj @naninenai
@nn_k64 きゃわいい☺️😢
@nighxxt HerMoso
@ruwithluvv 💜💜💜
@tinhnghiem.thich Dễ xương
@sormariaviana 😍😍💕
@ai.mperio ❤️
@roxxy.morbid Love the hair!🔥
@hyunjinnr Jksjsksksksks nine 🥺🥺
@tenvely1001 please apear with this hair style on 2moons3 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@kokoyammin Nong nine
@jacqueline20202020 Muy lindo ❤️
@marlonsariana I like the color of your hair. 😍 may i know what's color is that please?
@raokidwa Ganteng banget shel 69 @shellameilanii
@neno1321 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼