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Earth Child ☀️ Plant-Based 🥬 It’s time🌏 🆘 @sos.thailand MissUniverse Thailand 🇹🇭 ‘17 🐶 @sachi_the_soi_dog For work: 081-833-8136 / 061-563-9915 👇🏼
  • May every Sunday be like this! Morning strolls with my @sachi_the_soi_dog ♠️ #OllivanderGotNothinonUs...

    Ironically sachi doesn't care for sticks... It's always me who picks them up... In hopes for the perfect wand! 🦋
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  • Stay wild, moon child #mood 🦋🌜🔥 @moodtheory.b
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  • Conferencing! No matter what industry we’re in...collaboration is key for a habitable planet. Learned and realized some great points by Ajarn Siwat P @hugolek today. Thanks for the invitation ka! #BAT #BEP #AirQuality #UNIDO
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  • Everyday is valentines day 😚... hehe but actually we had such a lovely vegan date on the 14th. Course meals can also be #crueltyfree!!! 💕 Thank you @goldenstate.th for the lovely environment! Ps - Dog friendly too!
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  • รู้หรือไม่! ถุงยาง 1 ชิ้น ใช้ได้กี่นาที?
    มีความรู้ พร้อมความสนุกอีกเยอะ
    คลิก link ใน bio เลยจ้าา #SafeSex #SaveEarth #SOSEarth
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  • 🤘🏽 we’ve made it to another day 😘 thank you for coming on this journey we call life, together. Ain’t it crazy.
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  • “Did you know that oysters are an aphrodisiac?” ... @sachi_the_soi_dog 👅 #WhiteChicks
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  • Said my brothas “don't dance we just pull up our pants, and do the rockaway...now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back...” 🌞
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  • Herro? ☺️ เดี๋ยวมารีญาจะ Live กับ คุณวรรณสิงห์ ทางเพจ SOS Earth Facebook อีก 5 นาทีนะคะ. หรือใครมี Clubhouse ตามมารีญาได้ที่ @mariapoon 💞
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  • Have you seen our first “Let’s talk about sex” (safe sex!) ep yet?! Out now. LINK in bio
    #SafeSex #SaveEarth #Condoms #SOSEarth

    Thank you to my favorite editor @peng.tn for the clip💚
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  • For anyone like me, who feels so incredibly useless in this ongoing crisis in Myanmar, this webinar might be a good moment to tune in and learn more #WhatsHappeninginMyanmar
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  • My Valentines ❤️
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  • date night 😊
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  • It's
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  • Feeling handsome with mi ladies... #Throwback to 2012. Harper’s Bazaar.
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  • Have you made the switch to a #plantbased diet yet? Do it for the planet! Im not vegan. I’m not a vegetarian.. YET. I still eat fish a few days a week. It’s progress. What I’ve noticed from my change in lifestyle is that my skin is better, my energy feels great, and most importantly my values are aligning with the way I’m living. Being careful of where your food comes from and lowering your meat intake is the easiest way we can all help our planet...and show some mercy to our animal friends. When I started on this journey it was actually @pranaafood that really helped me...because my excuse was I “didn’t have time to prepare” my vegan meals...so, thank you @udhawan for working so hard on your brand. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s on the go :)

    #PranaaFoodForLife #NotanAd 💚
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  • Live วันนี้โอเคไหมคะ?
    Thank you for having me 😊😄 #วันนะซิงreport ft. #มรญ
    Cr. @prapaiir_memoryluciano ^^
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  • Pondering...
    About pon de rings... 😅... Hungry
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  • สวัสดีตอนเช้าค่ะ my friends 👋🏼 :)
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  • Quite happy working here 😜 #Marista 🙋🏻‍♀️
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  • ... Don’t tell Sachi 😜 #puppylove #puppymadness #lovedogs #reallywanttobringhimhome #addicted #to #doggos
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  • Can you spot my lil niece??! 🏃🏻‍♀️ 2 years ago today, I was so blessed to spend some of my favorite times with my brothers and their families...no idea when the next time would be 😭 please world...let’s have a great green recover, truly learn from our mistakes, change the way we run the world and enable us to meet family and friends again!!! 💚 #hopeful #missingfamily
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  • Link ใน bio นะจ๊ะ 😘

    The making of this music video was quite the experience, and was such a blast because of everyone involved. I’d like to thank the @sos.thailand small but powerful team (you know who you are) - for making this idea come to life. To @neighbors_lab for saying yes to this project off the bat when we were just starting off, to @ponlathird for being the best creative consultant we could’ve asked for, @tentechit the musical master for your work that we constantly rushed, our OH SO AMAZING @theniti for doing what you do, my #MUT sisters and friends @potter_natt @namtanlitaa @mirisorn for not even hesitating to come and jam, @opor.phatsakorn for saving us all with your wardrobe, @punpiyawat for your sweet presence and making sure our hairs were perfect, and ofc my partner in crime @jessy_dbg for being the best... partner ever. LOVE YOU ALL! And THANK YOU! Watch our “Official” Music Video, and help us like and share if you haven’t yet! 💓💓💓

    #ElectricRules #Howto ประหยัดไฟ #SOSEarth
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  • Love this! Art by @phonekiat ⚡️Link to video in bio 💓 #PowerPuffGirls #4 #SOSEarth @sos.thailand
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  • ดูตัวเต็มได้ที่ ลิงค์ในbio! #Howtoประหยัดค่าไฟ #SOSEarth
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  • หลอน! พร้อมกันเร็วๆนี้ได้ที่ SOS Earth 🆘
    Subsribe to our Youtube (link in bio)

    Thank you so much for hopping on board na ka P @theniti @potter_natt @namtanlitaa @mirisorn 🥰❤️
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  • #MUT slumber party?! ติดตามทาง @sos.thailand to find out นะคะ!!! Next week we’re dropping something we’ve been saving for quite some time. Can’t wait for ya’ll to see! 💓 #SOSEarth
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  • Ooh! Finally get to see what you've been working on so vigorously!! รอติดตามได้ทาง​#เถื่อนChannel na ka!

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  • “Love me? Please love my planet!” It’s the only one we’ve got 🌏 That’s why we started @sos.thailand to begin with❣️

    [Add us on LINE@sosearth to order what I’m wearing]

    These shirts were produced in 2020 to help us start fund raising for for Solar Fund Thailand. 30% of our proceeds will be donated to their cause, and the rest used to push out creative campaigns to raise awareness on important topics; such as renewable energy (because this is key in the fight against climate change!! Stay tuned this month!) plus, link to valuable organisations that are fighting for the people and the planet.

    Since producing these shirts last year, we’ve learned a lot about sustainability, therefore pledge that all future ‘items’ will be completely sustainably sourced: made from recycled materials, using eco-friendly practices and locally produced.

    We are very appreciative for your support ka 💕
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  • What kind of journey are you creating? Absolutely love this excerpt by Suzy Kassel ❤️ #HeartWork
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  • No animals were harmed for the baking of this bun!!! Thank you to the sweetest @laviabake for this #Vegan birthday cake ka!
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